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Turns & Tricks Workshops-Ages 6 and up-Taught by Jenny and Bailey


Workshop #1 Dec 26-28


Workshop #2 Jan 2-4


Level 1 (0-1 pirouette) @ 4-5pm $50.

Level 2 (1-2 pirouettes/age 6-up) @ 5-7 pm $100.

Level 3 (3-up piros/age 8-up) @ 7-9 pm $100.


After the holidays, we go full steam ahead into competition season! Flexibility, technique, strength, turns, and jumps need to be top notch! Dancers always rusty after the holiday break and here’s a workshop to give them the boost they need to perform at their best ability for competition season. Besides that, it’s going to be a lot of fun! Dancers will focus on achieving more rotations in their pirouettes as our advanced turners will learn the latest creative turns to add to their solos. We will also focus on jumps and getting the height necessary to achieve the most challenging tricks while focusing on technique. This camp is for everyone with three levels to choose from based on how many pirouettes your child can do 90% of the time and your child’s age! Bailey and I can’t wait to get them in to shape over the holiday break and be ready for comp season 2019! Click Below to register!




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